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Wondering how and where to prepare for back-to-school shopping?

For some of us, back-to-school season just means another walk at the park, but to many, it is one of the busiest times of the year after Christmas. Fortunately, sales are usually great during this period, which is why it’s safe to acquire as well as maintain office supplies and seasonal apparel in order get the most out of savings. This means summer clothing will be on clearance and fall styles will be practically pricing perfect before they sky rocket to unaffordable heights. One of the options to save more is of course with promo codes. So here is a list of places and amazing promo codes from PromosPro.

What days and where can you shop to get the best buck for you wallet?

*Mondays and Saturdays: online with promo codes

* Tuesdays and Fridays: in-store and you can use printable coupons

To know about the best shops and where to buy, this neat blog tells you the Five Rules to Get the Best Price Online Every time by Kara Kamenec. Although is a little outdated, it is still very much the case. Here are the tips she talks about in a nutshell.

1. Know WHEN TO BUY. As a golden rule you should buy for others early, and buy at peak times for you.

2. Revise How You View Sales. Most product language is phrased to tempt you into making a purchase that most benefits the retailer. Look beyond the initial tag-line however, and you’ll often see two hidden deals behind common product promotions.

“New Product Available Today” = “Older Model Now Discounted Tomorrow”

“Low Holiday Price” = “Lower Post-Holiday Price”

3.    Search Smarter
Do you search for coupon codes, promo codes or brand name codes? You may think you’ve stumbled upon a steal when you search ‘product + coupon code’ and come across a 10 percent off code, but if you take a few extra steps to also search “product + promo code” and “product + brand name code” you’ll return triple the results.

4.    Connect with brands on a social level

5.    Play the abandoned shopping cart game
Online stores will frequently hone in on shoppers who abandon shopping carts and raise the discounts offered as an incentive to follow through with the purchase.

Here are some stores to consider when finding just about anything for really great and affordable prices with the promo codes.

1. Forever21

2. WalMart

3. Office Depot

4. Best Buy

5. Amazon is an excellent source for used books, and most have FREE shipping. So make sure this is the first thing you look for when purchasing textbooks!

So what are the must haves for back-to-school season?

  • Agendas
  • Staples
  • Paper clips
  • Printer Ink
  • Paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • Binders
  • Smart calculator

Want to shop for backpacks and handbags? You can get Back-to-School Bags and Accessories from Kipling.