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Yellow is the Color of the Season

Look at the stars.

Look how they shine for you,

And everything you do.

Yeah, they were all yellow.

I came along.

I wrote a song for you,

And all the things you do.

And it was called yellow.

So then I took my turn.

Oh, what a thing to have done.

And it was all yellow.

Like Coldplay, we’re convinced the stars shine for you. We may not have a lot of musical talent, but we definitely think you should take your turn with this year’s latest fashion trend: everything in yellow.

Today’s pieces come to you from Jolly Chic, where you can currently get $10 off and free shipping as long as your order meets the required spend.

Tops in Yellow


Delicate and lacy, these tops feature this season’s color in the most feminine of ways. The camisole features crossover straps and padding meaning women who are comfortable don’t have to wear undergarments with it. Perfect for days that get warm bordering on hot.

The O-Neck Blouse can be paired with jeans for casual wear or slacks to be worn into the office. If you don’t have the right type of undergarments to deal with the hollow shoulders, you can buy both pieces and pair together.

Lace Dress in Yellow

Women's Lace Dress V Neck Three Quarters Sleeve Hollow Out Solid Fashion Dress

Continuing on with the feminine theme, this lace dress simultaneously presents itself with drama and delicate elegance. The sleeves are 3/4, and it is also adorned with an unmissable sash—something you’ll see a lot of this Spring. Beneath the outer sheath is a mini skit for full coverage.

Pants in Yellow

Plus Size High Waist Solid Pants

High-waisted and skinny cut, we love that these on-point pants can be worn to the office while still donning a functional pocket. While work may be the most obvious setting for them, there’s no reason you can’t wear them for a night out with the girls or to other social events.

Floral Skirt in Yellow

Fresh Flower Cool Style Fashion Maxi Long Skirt

Big, bold florals are something you’re going to be seeing a lot of this season. This maxi skirt does it in yellow. Similar to the lace dress above, it is sheer to just above the knee, where full coverage kicks in with an under skirt. You’ll also notice the large, buckled waistband. Again, this trend is something you’re going to see on many popular pieces this Spring.

Trench Coat in Yellow

Women's Great Lapel Solid Trench Coat With Sash

Trench coats are huge this year. But not just any trench coats. No, these put a new spin on the traditional garment. They’re slouchy. They’re loose. And they make big statements at the waistline. We love that this piece combines both the trench coat trend and the color of the season—and it does so unabashedly.

Bikini in Yellow


Don’t forget to pick up your swim suit! While this is not the best time of year to buy them sale wise, swimsuits are a difficult thing to shop for on discount. If you wait too long, they may run out of your size, and they’re likely not going to be getting more in as this is a very seasonal piece. If you find one that you love, like the one above, it might not be the smartest thing to wait for a big sale as quantities may just run out.