Clothing & Accessories World’s Leading Virtual Retailer For Design And Multi-Brand Fashion is an industry leader in providing high quality fashions and top design brands. A well-established online retailer since 2000, this company has long-standing relationships with fashion designers, retailers, and manufacturers at the global level.  As a result,, is able to feature unique and hard-to-find items such as rare capsule collections, a range of clothing and accessories from designers, rare vintage pieces, curated artwork, literature, home decor, and eco-friendly fashion.

Yoox store features fashions for your entire family. If you would like to sport a vintage Hermes scarf at your club’s event, or want your husband to appear in an Armani tuxedo at your sister’s wedding reception, visit their online retail hub at At, you can shop by selecting any of the following highlights:


To ease your shopping experience, has listed your needs according to clothing types such as Footwear, Dresses, Coats, Pants, Shirts, Denim, Sweaters and Handbags. This will enable you to select items from head to toe. If you have a specific search query in mind, simply enter it into their search field.


For customers, who enjoy shopping according to their favorite designer, this section will be very useful and enjoyable., features a wide range of top fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Emporio, Prada, Michael Kors and Moschino, to name a few. By selecting the name of your favorite fashion designer, you will have immediate access to their collections. Customers will find the price points to be especially affordable.


If you are a self-professed fashionista, then this section will enable you to have access to the current fad. For women, this season features emerald greens, metals, and oranges. For men, v-neck sweaters, Derby jackets and leather bombers are in season.

New Arrivals

Here, you will have access to this season’s newest additions, listed according to category and designer, right at your fingertips! To help make your shopping easier, you can narrow your selections according to fashion designer, category, color, size, and price range.

Special Promotions

For customers who are looking for the best price points, this section promises not to disappoint. is currently offering an extra 90% off of New Samples sale. In addition to this, customers can also avail 20% off of Top Brands in the Spring/Summer Collection.

Special Additions

For customers who pride themselves on acquiring hard-to-find items, will find this section especially tempting., is currently featuring capsule collections from John Malkovich, From Beijing With Style, China Grand Opening, Who is On Next?

Kids, boasts a huge assortment of  clothing, toys and accessories, in designer brands, such as Armani Junior, Baby Bjorn, Oskar & Ellen and Lego, for children aged 0 months to 16 years of age. Parents can also take advantage of special Promotions, where they will find many brands at affordable price points.


At, customers can find a myriad of items to decorate their home. Right from the comfort of your home, you can now select quality items to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and even your kitchen. If you are looking for a special gift item, Yoox’sGift section, features quality items to adorn all parts of your home.

Shopping at, will leave customers with a memorable and enjoyable retail experience!