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You Shouldn’t Go To A Haunted House If…

It’s fun to be scared…but is it? Actors hired to play haunted house characters are sometimes hit, spit on, and get stuff thrown at them. Sure, they sign up for it, but are you that guy? The one who really, really wants to be scared, but then can’t handle it? These days, Haunted Houses are stepping up their game to reach a jaded audience. Here are some signs that a haunted house would be more than you can handle.

Blackout Haunted House

If You Have to Sign a Waiver

This is common practice these days, especially when haunted houses are going for extreme shock value. Sexual content, violence, psychological mind bending, and gore are all a part of the process. If you’re thinking of going with your teen, think twice if there’s a waiver. Many haunted houses include touching, pushing, or hostage holding. If this is not for you, don’t go.

If You Hate Tight Spaces

A bit of a clausterphobe are you? Then avoid the haunted house, because guess what? There’s a lot of people and no where to turn. Often, there is literally no way out, and your forced down a particular path. If tight spaces and crowds get to you, skip it. It’s one thing to be scared, but it’s another to have a panic attack.

If You’ve Been Through Trauma

It may have nothing to do with the Haunted House itself. Maybe it was physically violent, or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was a car crash, domestic violence, or emotional hurt. Whatever it is, it’s left you more vulnerable if it’s happened recently. You might not even realize you’re a bit raw, but your ability to handle a good scare that seems all too real, will be compromised.

If Your Bodily Functions Get Away from You Sometimes

No one wants to admit that this can happen to them, but the haunted house actors have seen it all. Grown men have had accidents, puked, and have fainted. Be honest with yourself. Is there a chance that you’ll lose your lunch, spare the people in your group or at least warn a friend if you feel a little shaky. And don’t eat chili for dinner.

If Scary Movies Give You Nightmares

If you’re prone to vivid dreams, be honest about how much emotional scarring you may have. Today’s haunted houses are no joke. They aren’t meant to just scare, they are meant to leave a lasting impression. Don’t try to avoid it by taking a sleep aid, because your dreams will just be more vivid. If you have somewhere to be in the morning and can’t afford to miss a night’s sleep, maybe try some other time.