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Your Diet Just Got Easier

Have you give up your New Year’s Resolution yet?

Be honest. We’re not judging.

If you have, you’re not alone. While we set goals and intentions with great excitement on January 1, that enthusiasm fades for most of us and we quit by January.

We’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t quit, though. Three weeks of imperfection is no reason to give up on yourself. Today, we’ll tackle making one of the most common resolutions easier: eating healthily.

Allow Yourself to Eat Carbs


Carbs are the dieter’s worst enemy. They store themselves as fat equivalents if you don’t work them off, and they taste, oh, so good.

If you’re battling carbs this year, take a look at Thin Slim Foods. They offer carbs that are way better for your waistline. You get all the goodness of indulging in bread, muffins, bagels and more with much lower grams of actual carbs, fewer calories and higher levels of protein—which will help you stay full and build muscle.

Get it Delivered


If your life is just too crazy busy for you to be worrying about having fresh, healthy ingredients on hand for that recipe you weren’t planning on making, we highly recommend Hello Fresh. They deliver fresh food (including the recipes!) to your door every week so that you don’t have to stop at the specialty grocery store, and you don’t have to worry about not having that final, but essential, ingredient on hand.

They’re also pretty affordable. Each meals comes out to around $5 per person, which is way cheaper than eating out or, frankly, stopping at Whole Foods. (We love them, but they can be expensive.)

Check Out Your Local Co-Op


Having a supportive community can go a long way to helping you stick with your goals. Co-ops can be a great way to get that community while saving money on healthy foods. They are generally cheaper than specialty stores, and they strive to locally source food where possible. The food options are almost always healthier, too.

While some co-ops require you to pay membership dues in order to shop, others do not. Either way, co-ops have a strong community behind them—they usually host meetings and sometimes even events. If you want to find a group of like-minded people that will support you in your quest for more sustainable and healthier food, this could just be your community.

Join Thrive Market


Thrive Market is also one of those services that delivers food to your door. You do have to tell them what you want, though. While they don’t have a large inventory of fresh foods, they do have a lot of snacks, flours and other things that ship and store more easily.

We love this because they’re usually cheaper than even your local co-op, and having healthy snacks on hand may deter you from inhaling all the cookies. (They do carry chocolate chip cookie substitutes that are pretty tasty—and way better for you.)

You pay one membership due per year to score these cheaper prices. In our experience, we made up the dues in three months and had nine months of pure savings.