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Your next big purchase–buy it or rent it?

Renting clothes and accessories is not necessarily a new idea. The first Sex and the City film taught us, among many things, like that it’s okay to wear gladiator pumps with knee socks, that renting Louis Vuitton bags is a thing. The most popular website for bags is You can rent in one month increments, actually buy a second hand bag, or sell your own goods. But, buyer beware–your monthly rental can be as  much as a car payment. The average high end bag (Burberry for example), will run you $200 a month. If you’re SUPER fashion savvy and you don’t generally use a bag for more than a month at a time, or you want something very season-specific, this site could work for you. If you’re into trendy looks, this site is also a great idea–it’s rather convenient not to end up with a bin full of past season bags. With the borrow method, you use it and you send it back. No fuss, no muss.


You can get a posh bag for $50 a month, too. The site has options. But, if you’re attending an event and you need something for one night only, try Here, you’ll find your dress, jewelry, shoes and bag all in one shot. You still might spend a few hundred, but if you need to shop from the ground up, it can definitely save you some cash. Here’s the skinny on RTR:

1.Pick your price point and ONLY search in your price point! There are styles available from $35 all the way up to $300. You can get everything from BCBG to Balenciaga.

2. Pick personal choices like color, style, or event type.

3. Do your research. There are tons of user reviews and many of them post pics of themselves in the dress, plus measurements. You need to get the clearest idea as to whether this will fit your body type (and flatter it). Warning: this could take hours. Bonus–many longer styles come in short and tall.

Check to see if you can actually find the dress out there now in internet-land. Some are past season and are for sale at discounts. Then, is it really worth it to rent?  Most looks come with suggested jewelry, shoes and bags. Hit your closet first, but if you need the total look, it couldn’t be more convenient.

What if you hate it? RTR is known for customer service. Since you have to reserve your order to ship close to your event (you only get a week for your rental, and two for extra $$$), they will overnight you a new look free of charge. Another common issue is being unhappy with quality. Remember, some of these dresses have been worn dozens of times. The reviewers often comment on quality, so be sure to read the fine print.

Bonus:  BBorS and RTR offer new shopper discounts. Happy Shopping! Check out this coupon for an additional 20% off at RTR!