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Zika Virus Messing With Your Spring Break Plans? Try These 3 Alternatives.


Planning to go somewhere tropical for Spring Break? If you’re planning to have children anytime soon, you may want to put a hold on those plans.

Zika virus has been around for a while. Once you’ve been exposed via a mosquito bite, you may get sick for a little while, or you may experience no symptoms at all. What’s making news is a recent development linking Zika to microcephaly, a birth defect that causes children to be born with abnormally small heads. It’s a disability that lasts a lifetime, so pregnant women have generally been advised to stay away from places where Zika is spread through this specific type of mosquito.

Pregnant women aren’t the only people who should beware, though. The virus is known to last in women for up to 7 days after they get sick. Those planning to or capable of conceiving should keep this in mind.

Men should also be wary. Zika can be sexually transmitted, and the CDC does not currently know how long the virus can stay in men. It has been found as long as 62 days after the start of illness, but that does not mean that you will not transmit it after 62 days. It is possible that it could be transmittable beyond that period.

The mosquitoes that carry the virus live in commonly vacationed areas like the Caribbean, Pacific islands including Hawaii, South America, and, as the seasons change, they’ll be migrating to the Gulf Coast and Tucson, Arizona  in the United States.

To avoid potential tragedy, you may want to look at vacationing in non-traditional Spring Break locales. Here are a few of our favorite alternatives:


Some airlines, like Turkish Airlines, allow you free stopovers in European cities. These stopovers can last a couple days, which means that when you book your flight, you could potentially book a tour of European cities for the price of a singular round trip. Sure, you won’t be enjoying tropical weather, but c’mon. You’ll be touring Europe. And that’s pretty amazing.

San Diego

Again, your weather won’t be tropical. In March average temperatures range from the mid fifties to the mid sixties. But you will be at the beach, and this city offers tons of other attractions to keep you busy. You can make a trip to the famed San Diego Zoo, catch some fine dining and nightlife at Gaslamp Quarter, and do some hiking at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

To further recreate the feeling that you’re in Brazil, you could visit the Cabrillo National Monument: a towering, white statue that celebrates the first man to navigate the Californian coast. He’s not Christ the Redeemer, but he is thrusting a cross towards the heavens.

Washington, D.C.

You’re likely to see temperatures in the 40s in March, but bundling up is worth what this city has to offer. It’s home to national monuments, some of the best museums, and more history than one can fathom. The best part? Most of the attractions are free, and traveling in March will score you some great discounts on the few things that aren’t.


Wherever you end up booking your Spring Break escape, be sure to check out deals on your accommodations. Bigger chains, like Hyatt, are currently running specials at their locations across the world.